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The Academic Success Center is multifaceted and provides a variety of different services. It is equipped with several rooms specific to one-on-one academic support, collaboration labs for group academic support, and comfy spaces.

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It is expected that if you sign up to receive academic support with an academic specialist, participate in a group tutoring session, sign up to meet with one of the academic success coaches, or sign up to attend an academic workshop that you ATTEND.  If you wont be able to make a session, it is expected you provide advanced notice and cancel your appointment. If you fail to do so, you will be allowed 2 misses before you will not be allowed to utilize the services the Academic Success Center provides for the semester. Additionally, in participating and utilizing the services within the Academic Success Center, it is expected that you, the student, come prepared for your appointment.

The Academic Success Center DOES NOT support academic dishonesty and we will notify your faculty if we perceive this to have occurred.  For example, we will NOT help you with take home exams or quizzes or provide support with documents that seem to be plagiarized.  Your faculty member will ultimately make the decision on how to proceed as we will only be sharing the information with them.