Connecticut’s Premier CMMC Training Center


Southern Connecticut State University has partnered with Data Intelligence Technologies’ CyberDI Division to provide the best Cybersecurity Maturation Model Certification.

We launched our CMMC, the new cybersecurity certification required of all defense contractors, to help stop the one trillion dollars stolen annually in cybercrime and to protect the Connecticut defense economy.

Contractors who do not comply with the new certifications cannot apply for future defense funding and could face legal action for incorrectly submitting cybersecurity reports.

Southern Connecticut State University, in partnership with CyberDI, will lead efforts around workforce development. We will support and train professionals to ensure we protect our National Security.

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The Courses

Certified Professional

Certified Assessor Level One

Certified Assessor Level Three

An 8-hour self-paced online class or one day in person training.


A three-day hybrid class with hands-on lab activities


A five-day hybrid class with hands-on lab activities


Learn the basics of the CMMC Model.


Get certified to provide Level One assessments.


Get certified to provide Level One assessments.



  • New cybersecurity professionals
  • Executives and management of defense contractors
  • Cybersecurity consultants
  • Gap analysis specialists


  • Cybersecurity assessors
  • Penetration testers
  • Network specialists of defense contractors


  • Cybersecurity specialists
  • Network specialists of large defense contractors


What is CMMC?

CMCC Model with 5 levels of cyber security


The Department of Defense created the CMMC model as a cybersecurity standard for the Defense Industry Base (DIB). As a nation we must protect the supply chain of 300,000 companies globally.

CMMC assessments occur across five levels of maturity, with level 1 requiring the most basic cybersecurity and level 5 requiring the most advanced with 171 embedded practices and processes.

Does My Company Need a CMMC Assessment?

Do you handle Federal Contract Information (FCI) or Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI)? If you answered yes, then you need an assessment. While Southern only provides training courses, our partners can help you prepare for assessments, and we can introduce you to certified assessors.

What is FCI?

Federal Contract Information is anything created by the federal government that is not meant for public release.

Companies that hold FCI will require a Level One CMMC assessment. This can include a plumber who has schematics for job to a machine shop.

What is CUI?

Controlled Unclassified Information is any information generated by the government or for the government with protections covered by federal law or regulations.

Companies that hold or create CUI will require a Level Three assessment. Readiness represents a major investment, and SCSU can help reduce the cost and fear.

Meet The Learning Team

Southern Connecticut State University and CyberDi have assembled an elite mission-driven team holding ISC(2) Certified Information Security Professional (CISSP)/Information System Security Architecture Professional (ISSAP)/Information System Security Management.

Greg McVarry

J. Gregory McVerry
Associate Professor, Curriculum and Learning, SCSU

Chief Learning Officer, CyberDI


Richard Dawson

Richard Dawson
Lead Instructional Designer, SCSU

Advanced Special Operations Techniques Instructor, SOCOM OSINT Specialist


Terry Lehman

Terry Lehman
Subject Matter Expert

FedRAMP Cybersecurity information assurance professional


Israel Campbell

Israel Campbell
PhD Subject Matter Expert

Marine Corps IT veteran, satellite communications, radio, and cybersecurity