CMMC Subject Experts


”Southern Connecticut State University’s Role in the CMMC Ecosystem”
Dr. Manohar Singh
Dean, SCSU School of Graduate and Professional Studies

“Why Choose Southern Connecticut State University as your CMMC Partner”
Dr. Lisa Lancor
Chair and Professor
SCSI Department of Computer Science

“CMMC Compliance and Opportunities” 
Dr. Greg McVerry
Associate Professor
SCSU Department of Curriculum and Learning

“What Is Inventory?”
Vincent Scott
Chief Security Officer, STI-TEC
Defense Cybersecurity Group

“History of CMMC Methodology”
Margaret Glover
Chief Executive Officer
Excellence in Measurement Technology

“Basic Safeguarding of Covered Contractor Information Systems”
Paul Netopski
Critical Prism Defense

“What is Mobile Device Management?”
Matthew Carson
System Administrator, Charles River Analytics

“Basic Safeguarding of Covered Contractor Information Systems”
Jake Williams
IT Manager, Mercury Systems

“What is CMMC Scope?”
Amira Armond
President, Kieri Solutions

”What Will It Cost Me to Prepare for CMMC Assessment?”
Allison Giddens
President, Aerospace Manufacturer