Policies and Guidelines

On-Campus Events

If you wish to make alcoholic beverages available at an on-campus event, the Alcohol Use Procedure and Request form must be completed.

Alcohol Use Procedure and Request Form (pdf).

Off-Campus Events

Download Alcohol Policy Addendum for Off-Campus Events (pdf)

University Banners

Banners are allowed to be hung on the outside rail of the bridge to advertise and market major university-wide events. There are three spaces allotted for this purpose. Each space will consist of a banner slot on the north and south side of the bridge. Matching banners will be needed for each side of the bridge.

Student Banners

These banners are allowed to be hung on the inside rail of the bridge to advertise and market major student events. There are six spaces allotted for this purpose. Each space will consist of a single banner slot on either the north or south side of the bridge. A single banner will be needed.

  • Spaces will be filled on a first come, first served basis unless the university believes a particular event takes priority based on university needs. The university has the right to remove and replace banner based on the needs of the university.
  • Date/time sensitive banners will take priority over general informational banners.
  • Banners will be hung a minimum of two weeks prior to the event date.
  • The university is not responsible for damage of any type during the time the banner is hung.

Size of Banners

  • All banners will be professionally made out of outdoor banner mesh material.
  • Size of banner will be thirty feet long by twenty-eight inches wide with grommets placed one foot apart on both the top and bottom of the banner.
    • As departments replace their old banners please use the new dimensions above and have them made out of “outdoor banner mesh."
    • Some existing banners are larger than the new standard. SCSU will do its best to accommodate the larger banners during this transition. (Please request two spaces for the larger banners.)

Banner Hanging Procedure

  1. Request a banner space through the EMS online reservation system. Please make your request at least six weeks prior to the date you want your banner to be hung. (Remember, this is only a request not an approval.)
  2. Once your request has been approved please put in a work order with Facilities two weeks before you would like the banner to be hung:
    1. Fill in all required info on the work order form
    2. Check the box for Carpentry
    3. Date you want it hung (two weeks prior to event)
    4. Date you want it taken down (day after event)
    5. Contact name and phone number
    6. Approved space banner number
  3. Deliver banner to the Carpentry Department at Facilities.

Signs and posters regarding events cannot be taped or posted to any of the following areas (walls, doors, Ballroom, theatre, meeting rooms, glass work, columns) as taping takes the paint off and postings make holes.  Any signs and posters must be put on bulletin boards, easels, cafe tables, and/or the Information Desk.  Push pins for postings are available at the University Student Center's main office - Room 325.