Student Testimonials

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Amal Aljuraisi [Saudi Arabia]

I was an international student at Southern Connecticut State University. I studied English Language Pathways Program (ELPP). My experience at the university was amazing. The university offers all services any student might need. They have good professors, and I was lucky to have the best professors who became friends. They were kind, friendly, and helpful. I made the great decision to be a part of Southern's family.

My main goals were to improve my writing and speaking. Before starting the ELPP, I couldn’t write in English very well but now I feel confident with different types of writing. I am actually a shy person so I found it hard to speak but now I feel more confident to speak in English. The teachers helped us to improve our skills and they worked hard with us. Before joining the ELPP, I was not a reading person but since working with my reading teacher I have started to enjoy reading and have promised to keep reading the news every day! 

I have returned to Saudi Arabia and I will keep learning in my country. Before coming to New Haven, I was volunteering in a hospital in my home country and now I have returned my plan is to apply for jobs in the same hospital using my new English skills. 

I’m proud to have had this experience, it was my first time to study abroad and it was my dream to study in the United States. I’m very proud to have achieved these dreams.


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Zyanya Sanchez [Mexico]

Did I make the correct decision? This question passed through my thoughts every day. Missing your home and your culture is not always easy. However, I had a purpose. I am a computer programmer and I enrolled in the ELPP because I wanted to study and practice English and get a job in an international company.

During this semester, I noticed the incredible progress in my English skills. I had wonderful teachers. All of them supported me to realize my goals, and they gave me the opportunity to practice for my interviews, express myself, and read many books and articles.

This program for me has been more than just one English course. It was an incredible experience in my life. I had the opportunity to meet people from different countries. I visited classes related to areas of my interests and it made me feel part of the student life again (after graduating from college at home). I also took amazing trips during the semester.

Being part of this program reminded me of the importance of following my dreams. It inspired me to continue studying and prepared me to study for a Master’s degree in the future. Now that I finished the semester, I can say this was the most accurate decision of my life.


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Jin Young Myung [South Korea]

Let me tell my story. When I started this course, there was lots of hesitation to speak out during classes. But I tried to put more effort into speaking classes and finally could feel more comfortable to speak in English with some topics. Of course, there was a great help of teachers. If I hadn’t had their help, I couldn’t have improved my speaking skills like that. Also, I felt writing was the hardest part before taking writing classes at SCSU, however, I’ve understood that writing has logic and order, similar to mathematics, and learned various writing skills from teachers. Now, I feel more confident to write essays in English. 

Unlike other ESL courses, the ELPP is such a customized program that students from different levels can study in their way. This is one of the benefits that SCSU ELPP has. Instructors hand out different assignments to students and I think it makes them motivated to study at their own speed. For instance, if a student has trouble understanding some units, teachers give him or her useful study tips or some assignments that they can do at home.

On top of that, teachers let students have their own English goals in detail. Most students might have general goals to take English courses such as improving speaking or writing skills. The professors of ELPP help students to have specific goals like gaining a high score on a TOEFL test or watching a movie without subtitles. They keep checking how students approach their goals and cheer them up with useful advice. The ELPP teachers are so nice, they open their minds to students and get ready to listen to them. 

Moreover, it has several field trips that you couldn’t experience at other language courses. During the last summer session, we went to art museums and an aquarium where I’ve learned a lot about the American and other countries’ cultures. The best part of these field trips was that I never forgot some words, phrases and sentences which I learned in classes and were repeated on the field trips. 

In conclusion, I would like to say that I am so satisfied at studying ELPP at SCSU. The program is just perfect and teachers are super nice. You can also have various experiences as well as English. I strongly believe that this ELPP is the best!!