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Human Resources Staff

Office of Human Resources Staff Contact List
Main Number: (203) 392-5567  | Fax Number: (203) 392-8802
Location: Wintergreen Building (Back Entrance)

 Diane Mazza
Chief Human Resources Officer
- Unclassified/Classified Labor Relations and Contract Administration
- FOI Officer

Phone: (203) 392 - 5405 

Marlene Cordero
University Human Resources Administrator

- Unclassified personnel includes SUOAF, Management Confidential, and AAUP (full and part time)
- Retirements
- Notary

Phone: (203) 392 - 5537 

 Tisha Miller
University Human Resources Administrator

- Classified personnel includes Clerical, Maintenance, Protective Services, A&R, 1199
- Graduate Assistants/Interns
- Student employees

Phone: (203) 392-5572

Darci Carson
Associate in Human Resources

-Unclassified personnel includes SUOAF, Management Confidential and AAUP (full and part time)
-Faculty Consulting/Research/Dual Employment Forms

Phone: (203) 392 - 5075

Francesca Poole
Associate in Human Resources

- Benefits
- Medical Leaves/FMLA
- Worker's Compensation
- Sick leave bank/donations
- Tuition Reimbursement for classified employees


Phone: (203) 392 - 5059 

LaKecia Anderson
Assistant in Human Resources

- Student Workers (including Federal / State Work Study students)
- University Assistants
- Provides confidential administrative support to Office of Human Resources
- Update of Office of Human Resources website
- Employment Postings/Advertising

(203) 392 - 8109

Employment Verifications:
All employment verifications must be faxed to the attention of the Office of Human Resources with a handwritten signed release from the employee. Employment verifications may take between 24 and 48 hours to complete and return.