Support the BioPath Initiative

The BioPath Initiative is one of the University’s highest priorities in STEM education. This multidisciplinary project in collaboration with both educational and industry partners will provide multiple academic pathways for individuals interested in securing jobs in the bioscience industry. Formalized in May of 2015 as a partnership with the City of New Haven, this initiative now involves the K-12 schools, regional community colleges, industry networks, and bioscience companies throughout Connecticut. While the BioPath Initiative is the result of many voices, all gifts in support of this initiative serve as a strong vote of confidence for our students and the regional bioscience community. For that, we thank you!

BioPath Funds

BioPath Innovation Fund

This is the primary BioPath fund and is absolutely essential to the success of the initiative! This flexible fund will be used to support a variety of innovative activities specific to the BioPath Initiative based upon the needs of our students, faculty, and industry partners. It is an excellent designation for annual fund gifts in support of this unique project.

BioPath Scholarship Fund

Your support of student scholarships is the key to unlocking new opportunities for talented and deserving students. Scholarship support is frequently among the most important pathways for donors to demonstrate their support of higher education. Please consider making the gift of education!

BioPath Internship Fund

Practical, hands-on education is a cornerstone of the BioPath Initiative. Your support of the BioPath Internship Fund will assist students in exploring, securing, and completing successful internship experiences. When adequate support is received, Southern will support select paid student internship experiences that might not otherwise be possible.

BioPath Equipment Fund

Cutting edge equipment is essential for our students to gain relevant experiences within the classroom that they can translate into the workplace. Supporting this fund recognizes the importance of great technology for great students! Contact the Advancement Office at (203) 392-5598 if you would like to explore specific areas of interest within the general area of “BioPath instrumentation”.

Give Now

Your participation matters!  If you’re interested in making a single gift to BioPath. If you would like to discuss additional gift options – including recurring pledges, mixed designation, and/or naming opportunities, please call the Advancement Office at: (203) 392-5598 or email us at