What is the SCSU Phonathon?

The SCSU Phonathon is an annual fundraising effort in which Southern students call Southern alumni to update their alumni information, to inform them of the changes happening at Southern, and to ask for financial support of the university. The Phonathon program complements other fundraising efforts, such as direct mail appeals.

Why Do We Call Alumni?

We call alumni because it is the closest thing to a personal visit. In addition, it gives the university a chance to bring alumni up to date on events. Calling alumni stresses the importance of the Annual Giving Program and their participation in it. 

Why Do We Need to Raise So Much Money if Our Budget Comes From the State?

Unfortunately, Southern is no longer solely supported by state funds. Because the tuition that students pay is only a fraction of the real cost of a year at the university, we must turn to our alumni. Your gifts to the SCSU Annual Giving Program provide direct support for scholarships, faculty and student programs, and the enhancement of academic programs.