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First appointment taken at 8:45am - Last appointment taken at 3:45pm.


  • Medical Care

    • Acute injury and illness
    • Flu, cold, and viral symptoms
    • Smoking cessation
    • Sore throat, strep throat, mononucleosis, sinus infections
    • Bronchitis/Asthma/Seasonal & Environmental allergies, allergy injections
    • Acne, fungal infections, cellulitis, abscess
    • Diabetes management
    • Ear ache, cerumen impaction
    • Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, headache
    • Abdominal pain, back pain
    • Lyme disease
    • Urinary tract infections
    • Clinical & sports physicals (no club sports)
    • Transgender and well-person care
    • Minor procedures: Skin biopsy, mole removal, stitches, etc.
  • Safe Sex and Contraception

    • Male and female condoms, dental dams
    • Oral contraceptive pills, depo-provera injections
    • NuvaRing, IUDs & Nexplanon (placement and removal)
    • Emergency contraception (Plan B)
    • STI testing and treatment
    • HIV testing and prevention counseling
    • PrEP prescriber
  • Laboratory and Diagnostic Services

    • Strep & Mononucleosis tests
    • Blood draws
    • Sickle Cell screening
    • TB screening
    • Vaginal infection testing
    • Pap smears
    • Pregnancy tests
    • Urinalysis
  • Medications and Medical Supplies

    • Select over-the-counter (OTC) and prescription medications on hand
    • Medical supplies, braces, crutches, etc
    • Pharmacy delivery available
    • No narcotics on site

hpv vaccinations

Student Health Services is now offering FREE HPV Vaccinations to any registered student up to the age of 26 who hasn't been vaccinated or hasn't completed the 3-shot series. * Students who are under 18 will need permission from their legal guardian *

What is HPV?

HPV is a very common virus; approximately one in four people are infected in the United States. About 14 million people, including teens, become infected with HPV each year. While not all strains of the HPV virus cause cancer, there are some that do. Every year in the United States, HPV causes 30,700 cancers in men and women, including genital warts and cancers of the cervix and penis. Approximately 75% to 80% of the population will contract HPV in their lifetime.

The HPV vaccination is the only vaccination that can prevent many of these cancers from ever occurring!

Want to protect yourself? Call SCSU Health Services at 203-392-6300 or simply schedule an appointment to get started! Make an Appointment


Want to quit tobacco? We can help! Student Health Services wants to support your efforts to sustain a tobacco free lifestyle. We have developed a comprehensive, medically supervised Tobacco Cessation program for students, free of charge.

Simply schedule an appointment to get started! Make an Appointment

Click here to learn more about support for quitting smoking and other tobacco products.

Support And Resource Team (SART)

Southern Connecticut State University's Support and Resource Team (SART) is designed to provide a collaborative victim-centered team response to sexual violence. The mission of SART is to provide services that ensure a transition from victim to survivor for every individual whose life is impacted by sexual violence. SART members can provide a survivor with many supportive options including counseling, medical attention, judicial services, advocacy, referrals, and general information regarding sexual violence. Should a survivor choose to file a police report, the University Police and Violence Prevention, Victim Advocacy and Support Center (VPAS) staff will assist the individual with the reporting process. We strive to empower the survivor to make their own decisions by providing on- and off-campus resources, offer support as needed, and hold perpetrators accountable. The SART members will keep confidentiality to the best of their ability.

The SART has been designated by the Division of Student Affairs to handle sexual assault cases. The team includes a coordinator and designated individuals from throughout the University. The Support And Resource Team is available to help anyone who reports a violation of the sexual misconduct policy. In cases of immediate danger or an emergency, call the University Police at 911.

For information or to report sexual violence, students may contact any member of the team. Please visit the Violence Prevention, Victim Advocacy and Support Center website at for team members' contact information and details of services.