Brand Messaging

We are driven.

At Southern, we hold ourselves to an uncommon standard. “Good enough” isn’t good enough. We expect more from and for ourselves. We strive to be experts in our fields, and role models for our students, families and communities. We raise the bar.

Students should expect to:

  • Be academically and personally challenged throughout their education.
  • Learn from faculty who work as hard and care as much as they do.
  • Engage in dialogue that challenges preconceptions and subverts the status quo.
  • Experience learning off-campus that complements learning in the classroom.
  • Receive the resources and support that they need to be successful.
  • Leave Southern and enter the workforce as motivated, empowered adults.

We are inspired.

We don’t embrace creativity and innovation. We expect it, aspire to it, and live it. We understand the importance of loving what we do, and doing what we love. We value life and we pay it forward. We see the big picture.

Students should expect:

  • academic experiences that inspire growth, self-confidence, and passion.
  • guidance and mentorship as they move closer to their goals.
  • opportunities for research, experiential learning, collaboration, and study abroad.

We are connected.

We care deeply about community and work tirelessly to help students bridge gaps. One thing we all have in common: a relentless determination to make Southern accessible to the current generation and better for the next. We stick together.

Students should expect to:

  • Engage in community service, and political and social experiences that support their personal values.
  • Intern at local businesses, and take advantage of the region’s rich cultural resources.
  • Develop close working relationships with faculty and staff.
  • See the world through study abroad.

We are daring.

We challenge ourselves to expect more and be more. We engage in tough conversations, which hold us accountable to the same standards we apply to others. We listen first, so we can move forward together with the courage of our shared wisdom. We don’t back down. We dare to be more.

Students should expect to:

  • Engage in multi-perspective dialogue.
  • Take academic and personal “risks” that are critical to a growth mindset.
  • Challenge the status quo when necessary and stand up to injustice.
  • Learn to lead, to organize, to plan, to serve.

External Messaging Samples

Be More Driven.

  • Expect to work hard and achieve your goals.
  • Expect to make your career goals a reality.
  • Expect academic programs that meet -- and beat -- your expectations.
  • Expect high academic performance and close faculty-student mentorship.

Be More Inspired.

  • Expect to discover who you are.
  • Expect to open your mind to the world around you.
  • Expect to develop your strengths through research, inquiry, and mentorship.

Be More Connected.

  • Expect to build networks that advance your personal growth.
  • Expect to be part of the family.
  • Expect to meet people who share your passion.
  • Expect opportunities to grow personally and professionally.

Be More Daring.

  • Expect to try new things and find your passion.
  • Expect to take risks academically that lead to a satisfying career.
  • Expect to be empowered.
  • Expect to change your life.