Branding Introduction

What is Branding?

Branding is about more than the proper use of a logo or a color. It’s about consistent communication. It’s about coming to consensus about who we are, achieving a common look and feel, and speaking with one voice.

Why are we Branding?

The Southern brand reflects the academic distinction, social and intellectual values, and dedication to leadership that inform our identity. It channels our power to make a difference in the lives of our community, and attests to that power through our verbal, written and digital communications.

What is my role?

When we all communicate with one brand voice, we substantiate that we are one institution with one transcending mission. Through the authentic expression of this mission, we make possible the recruitment and fundraising goals that will assure we can continue our work well into the future.

The principles outlined here apply to all of us, and to every communication. It reflects the thoughtful considerations that went into creating the brand and offers guidelines and best practices for making it work.