Branding Pillars and Proof Points

Brand Pillars

Our brand pillars define the most valued aspects of the Southern experience, and we demonstrate their impact through proof points. We have identified the following pillars and proof points to document all that Southern offers:

Brand Pillar 1 – Variety

Southern is focused on providing students with options—both academically and within the campus culture—to adapt to the changing world.


  • Variety of majors and minors
  • Multi-disciplinary
  • Combination of experiential learning and classroom experiences
  • Internships offer real-world exposure

Campus Culture

  • Diversity defined in many ways; there is no one type of Southern student
  • Students from all walks of life:
    • Traditional or non-traditional
    • First-time or transfer
    • Full-time or part-time
    • Residential or commuter
  • Numerous clubs and organizations
  • Interaction with peers and faculty

Proof Points:

  • 114 graduate and undergraduate degrees
  • 94 majors and 59 minors
  • Honors College students, traditional-aged students, adult students
  • Interdisciplinary setting, forming a close-knit community as professors and students embark on a shared educational journey toward individual excellence.
  • More than 100 student organizations
  • Students are sent to more than 80 countries worldwide through international learning programs.
  • The Office of International Education currently offers students study abroad options at over 20 partnered exchange universities
  • Integrate learning throughout the LEP curriculum, and between liberal arts education and the major
  • Dining services are offered for those who commute or live on campus
  • We are partaking in a new venture challenge

Brand Pillar 2 – Interwoven Community

Southern is in and of the community. We sit at its core, connecting our students to real-world opportunities and challenges, giving to the community as the community gives to Southern.

  • Southern educates the area’s diverse workforce. Southern is a large employer in the area and it also provides jobs to fellow Southern students who often go on to become community and business leaders.
  • Students celebrate the opportunity to become a part of community engagement projects as they become integral to the success of the surrounding area.
  • Students form strong community relationships often applying what they have learned in the classroom to situations in their internship or work.
  • Southern focus on issues that affect the community every day.

Proof Points:

  • Internships available to students in New Haven, Connecticut, and nationally
  • Required internships in some programs such as public health
  • Class project with local organizations/non-profits, etc.
  • Fellows research opportunities

Brand Pillar 3 – Focus on the Future

Southern is focused on the future success of its graduates, with a dedicated interest in preparing them to enter the workplace with a desired degree, real-world skills and limited debt.

  • We encourage students of all types to put their future at the forefront.
  • We are committed to using a combination of teaching, mentoring and experiential learning to prepare our students for life after graduation.
  • Students exceed their own expectations, becoming confident and skilled students who see great potential for themselves.
  • We continue to invest in our facilities that provide cutting-edge technologies to our students readily used in today’s companies
  • We help meet the demands of today’s society focusing on job preparation through internships and employment opportunities through our career center.

Proof Points:

  • New home for the School of Business
  • Renovation and expansion of the Buley Library
  • New academic and laboratory science building that will enhance the ability to educate more students in cutting-edge fields like nanotechnology, biochemistry, etc.
  • The First-Year Experience (FYE) is home base for programs, resources, and student support services designed to help students establish a great start at Southern.
  • Counseling, disability resources, S.A.G.E. Center, mental health and other resources
  • Research centers
  • Annual Undergraduate Research and Creativity Conference
  • 80 percent of alumni have higher paying jobs or career advancement as a result of their degree
  • Education programs are the cornerstone
  • National Teacher of the Year for 2016 was a Southern graduate turned U.S. congresswoman

Brand Foundation – New Haven

The positioning and its supporting brand pillars all exist within an area that is uniquely Southern, and there is great opportunity to connect with New Haven as a location in a way competitors are not.

  • Our location of New Haven is larger and more diverse than many competitors’ locations, offering an abundance of opportunities for internships and community engagement.
  • Southern’s campus life is augmented by New Haven’s local libraries, art galleries, live music venues, and museums as well as restaurants and coffee shops for weekend fun.
  • In addition to the city of New Haven, the surrounding area’s green spaces and beaches offer a beautiful environment for outdoor activities.
  • Southern’s safe campus ensures students will feel secure enjoying campus life.

Proof Points:

  • The University Police Department has a visible presence on campus 24 hours a day.
  • New Haven has about 131,000 residents, 55 percent of whom are between the ages of 18-49, making it one of the state's youngest trending cities.
  • The city is home to five colleges and universities.
  • Over 14,000 local jobs are currently listed on
  • Local companies with over 1,000 employees: Yale, ATT, Yale-New Haven Hospital Inc., Hospital of St. Raphael, Pritchard Industries, Assa Abloy Inc.
  • Hundreds of places to visit (performing arts, community festivals, museums and galleries, historic sites, and architecture)
  • Shopping, dining and nightlife complement the cultural heart of the city.
  • Southern offers an off-campus shuttle to help students get around the city.
  • Students can use a U-Pass to get around for free on city buses and Connecticut trains.
  • New Haven is truly at the dawn of a new era for business growth.