Branding Platform

Brand Positioning Statement

This statement is the most concise articulation of what we stand for. It is the heart of everything we do and say, and inspires our strategic actions and investments. It also expresses the qualities that set Southern apart. They are the strengths that matter to stakeholders and are authentically true and differentiated. 

Positioning is the perception our audience has of our brand through their interactions – be they in the media, or through word of mouth. Positioning isn’t what we think we are, it is what others think we are.


We empower students to succeed in a world that demands more from them every day. With a commitment to diversity, access, and inclusion, we inspire students and transform lives through in-demand degrees, innovative partnerships, practical learning experiences, and community engagement.

Brand Personality and Tone


The personality sets the tone for how the brand communicates. These attributes or traits guide the tone of voice and visual expression for all brand communications. These are the differentiators that make Southern truly unique.

Driven: Southern students have grit. They are hardworking, focused and practical, and they will do whatever is needed to get the job done.

Daring: Our students are active, curious, and unafraid to take risks if it gets them closer to achieving their goals. Whether first-generation college students or honors learners, they stand up for what they believe in, and they put it all on the line.

Connected: We are a close-knit campus within a well-networked community. Students who get involved make friends, earn internships, network cross-culturally and get jobs.

Inspired: Faculty-student relationships are at the heart of the Southern experience. These are expanded through one-to-one connections, undergraduate and graduate research, and other collaborative opportunities.


Depending on what you are promoting and which platform you are using, the tone you choose will help you control how that content is delivered. Use two or three of these tones in each communication, depending on the message content and the audience. 

Socially conscious