Our Values

Tree planting ceremony
Observing the 2021 International Day of Peace on campus
A student wearing a t-shirt with human library
A student participant in The Human Library


The Integrated Justice and Social Change Collaborative (IJSC Collaborative) is guided by the following values:

  • Each and every human being holds an inherent value to contribute and shape a brighter future.
  • Personal and institutional action are crucial for a healthy society.
  • Access and inclusion are basic equity actions we must all undertake.
  • Power is something that can be dismantled, harnessed, or transformed “for good.”
  • Dignity, respect, kindness, compassion, and civility are the foundations of healthy interpersonal, institutional, systemic, and structural relationships.
  • Dialogue, storytelling, and other communicative expressions are powerful forms of interpersonal, intercultural, interdisciplinary, and intergenerational connection and understanding.
  • Collective and collaborative work is necessary for meaningful change.
  • Gratitude for the work, for the world, and for each other.
  • The importance of working with, in, and beyond our local community.