What's New in Accounts Payable


NEW ACCOUNTS PAYABLE COORDINATOR AND NEW PHONE NUMBER - The Accounts Payable staff wishes Anna Rivera-Alfaro good luck in her new position in Academic Advising! An Interim Accounts Payable Coordinator will serve while a search is underway for a new Coordinator. Please note that Anna's telephone number has moved with her. Refer to our Contacts page or call extension 26844 for information about the appropriate person to answer a question or help you.


CURRENT MILEAGE RATE - 54 cents per mile for travel on or after 1/29/2016.


UPDATE TO TRAVEL AUTHORIZATION APPROVALS - Effective immediately presidential approval for out-of-state travel will no longer be necessary. Out-of-state travel will now require the approval of either the vice president of your area or the dean of your school.  Presidential approval is required only if your area reports directly to the presidents office.

To summarize:

Vice President or dean approval is required for:

1) OUT-OF-STATE TRAVEL in part or entirely from the operating fund*

2) INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL funded in part or entirely from the operating fund* 

*fund 111, 112, 113, 1210, 2110, 2112


PLEASE NOTE:  VP or Dean approval is not needed for out-of-state travel that is funded entirely from AAUP, SOUAF/AFSCME, and/or grant funds. 


UPDATE TO CSU TRAVEL POLICY - The CSU Travel Policies and Procedures manual has been updated effective September 28, 2011. Please note that the list below includes some of the highlights and does not include all of the changes.  Click here for the entire CSU Travel Policies and Procedures Manual.


  1. A Travel Authorization is required for any in state travel involving any non- mileage expense greater than $50.00 (previously $25.00).  See Travel Components for more information. 
  2. When a revised TA is needed (see Travel Authorization Revisions), the revision requires signatures only for new funding sources or increases in funding amounts (previously required all original signatures).
  3. When approval has been granted to rent a passenger car or minivan for state business, the state contracted vendor should be used (currently Enterprise).  When renting from Enterprise ONLY, collision and personal accident insurance is no longer required to be purchased by the employee and will not be reimbursed if it is purchased.  Please see Car Rental and Other Transportation for information regarding other vehicle types or other rental companies.  
  4. See Parking Permits for information on what to do if parking in economy lot 3 is not available.


SCSU has established a Procurement Card program providing a convenient way to pay for travel related expenses such as airfare, conference registration and lodging without  the use of personal funds.  Please visit  http://www.southernct.edu/pcard/ for more information.


THE TRAVEL AUTHORIZATION FORM HAS BEEN REVISED!! The TA form has been modified to accommodate the increasing use of the University P-Card. Expenses such as registration, airfare, lodging etc. to be paid by the P-Card, after the TA is approved, can now be indicated on the TA. Only items not charged to the P-Card will be encumbered.   In addition, when a P-Card is not available and a check is needed, the revised TA eliminates the need for additional vouchers for prepayments such as registration, lodging or travel advances.  Now you can indicate right on the TA the need for a prepayment (a separate voucher is no longer necessary).  Please see the new TA form and the new step by step Travel Authorization instructions for additional information regarding these two new changes! 


IMPORTANT UPDATE FROM EXECUTIVE VP JIM BLAKE - In March 2009 procedures were established to determine essential university purchases and/or expenditures.  Purchase requisitions and direct pay vouchers, regardless of cost, required the review/approval of the President, Vice President or designee.  EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2011, essential purchases and/or expenditures involving purchase requisitions and direct pay vouchers will require approval of the President, Vice President or designee only when the cost is $1,000 and above. This approval procedure matches the acquisition level of the university P-Card.

Note: Above essential approval process does not apply to grants, student activity or bond funds. Click here to view entire announcement. 


UNIVERSITY P-CARD - SCSU has established a Procurement Card (P-Card) program designed to provide a cost effective manner in securing low cost goods.  The P-Card eliminates the need for a purchase requisition, purchase order and/or voucher for these low cost purchases.  In addition, the P-Card provides faculty and staff a convenient way to pay for travel related expenses such as registration and lodging without the use of personal funds.  For more information on the P-Card program click here.  You may also contact Robin Kenefick at ext. 25266 or at Kenefickr1@southernct.edu to get your P-Card today!


W-9 REQUIREMENT - Effective immediately, all vendors must have an IRS W-9 form on file.  In order for a new vendor to be established in Banner, the University must first receive a completed W-9 from the vendor.  Please have the vendor send the W-9 directly to Accounts Payable or have them fax it to a secure fax at (203) 392-9990 (new fax number effective 7/15/2014).  This form is used to collect accurate taxpayer identification information such as the vendor name, address and status (sole proprietor, corporation, etc)  It will also provide the employer FEIN or in the case of a sole proprietorship, the vendors Social Security number.  Accounts Payable will issue all new vendors a Banner issued ID.  

The information provided on the W-9 form is also used to report qualifying payments to the IRS via a 1099.  The W-9 is required only once unless the vendor's taxpayer information changes (i.e. name change, change to vendor status, etc) and will be maintained on file in the Accounts Payable Office.  To inquire whether the University already has a W-9 on file, please contact the Accounts Payable Office at x26844. 

** Please note that as we clean up our vendor files, we may be requesting W-9's for vendors that previously have been paid by SCSU but have no W-9 on file.  The information on this form is extremely sensitive.  Have the vendor send directly to AP.  Do not make copies of W-9's for your records.