Health Insurance

SCSU requires that all full-time students maintain health insurance coverage.  Therefore, all full-time students will initially be eligible for enrollment and billed under the University sponsored plan.  Students who satisfy the insurance requirements through another comparable plan may opt to waive the sickness portion of the insurance coverage and receive credit on their bill statement.  The accident portion of the insurance may not be waived and is built into the University General Fee.  

If you have any questions concerning the student health insurance plan, accident insurance claims, or to dispute a declined sickness insurance waiver application, please contact Aetna Student Health toll-free at 877-375-4244 or visit the  Aetna Student Health Website.  To view the student health insurance policy for coverage detailsclick here

Health Insurance Waiver Application Not available until mid-June, pending new 15-16 rates.

1.  Submit an application documenting comparable insurance by the deadline: Fall 10/15/15 & Spring 3/15/16 (fall waivers automatically carry forward for credit in the spring, but must be reapplied for annually thereafter).

2.  There cannot be any claims on file with the insurance company to be eligible for the waiver.  

3.  International students must contact  Dr. Erin Heidkamp  or call 203.392.6756 to waive coverage.

4.  Approved waivers generate a credit to the bill statement for the insurance charge within 1-3 business days. 

Late waiver applications will be accepted after the deadline, but no later than the end of the term, and are assessed a $65.00 late fee payable at the time of submission.  Late waivers can not be submitted online.  Please contact the Bursar's Office to request a form.

Email or call  203-392-6140 for a quick response during business hours.