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Payroll Benefit FAQs

Benefit FAQs  

1.   I just started, when do my medical benefits go into effect? 

Your medical benefits will be effective the first of the second month after your start date, i.e., if your start date is May 4, then the effective date for your health insurance will be June 1.

2.   I think I chose the wrong plan, how can I change it?

There are two possibilities here.  If you just signed up (filled out the paperwork within the previous week)  see Francesca Poole in the Human Resources Department immediately to see if it has been processed yet; if not, you might be able to make the correct election.  If it has been longer than a week since you filled out the paperwork, chances are very slim that anything can be done until the next open enrollment period, which will occur from mid-May through mid-June.

3.   How long do I have to enroll or make changes to my insurance? 

You have 30 days from your start date or the event (i.e., wedding, divorce, birth, adoption, etc.) date to enroll in make any changes to your insurance. 

4.   Do University Assistants and adjunct faculty qualify for health coverage with SCSU? 

Yes, they qualify for the exact same coverage as any other state employee.  The only difference is that they pay different ratesand they pay by check once a month instead of having payroll deductions.

5.   How do UAs and adjuncts sign up for health coverage? 

Goto the Human Resources Department and ask for Francesca Poole; she will have the correct paperwork for you to fill out.  Make sure that you see her within 30 calendar days after you start, otherwise you will have to wait for the next open enrollment period.

6.   My son/daughter has turned 19 and is a full-time college student; what needs to be done to keep him/her on my insurance? 

You should have received a letter in the mail from your provider (Anthem, Oxford, Health Net) approximately a month before your child's birthday, asking you to verify your child's full-time student status.  If you did and you returned it, then there is nothing more that you need to do.  If you do not recall seeing that letter, then contact the Registrar's Office at your child's university/college to obtain a verification of full-time enrollment letter.  Once you have this letter, bring it to Francesca Poole ASAP so that it can be processed.  This needs to be done within a month after the child's birthday.  This will verify your child for only one (1) year at a time (in some cases, only one semester at a time) and will need to be repeated every year until your child turns 23.  At age 23 your child is no longer eligible to stay on your insurance.  Regardless of your child's student status, they will no longer be eligible for the dental coverage.    

7.  When is Open Enrollment? 

Open enrollment takes place between mid-May through mid-June.  The exact dates change from year to year, so watch for emails sent out by Human Resources for the dates.  The effective date of coverage for any open enrollment changes is July 1.  Keep in mind that even though the effective date is July 1, the enrollment period end in mid-June and that once the deadline date has passed, there is no way for us to make the requested changes if you bring in late paperwork.