Educational Leadership, Sixth Year Certificate - Intermediate Administrator

The Sixth Year Professional Diploma Program in Educational leadership is designed to equip educators with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to serve, not only as administrators, but as genuine leaders, in Connecticut's public schools. After successful completion of the program and the CT CAT exam, candidates are eligible to the 092 certification.

The 30-credit program employs a cohort model, with cohorts meeting in Branford (Mondays), in Hamden (Tuesdays), in Cheshire (Wednesdays), at SCSU's campus (Wednesdays), and in Waterford (Thursdays). Paired classes are scheduled back-to-back on the same evening for the convenience of our students, all of whom are practicing educators.

Sequence of Courses


First Academic Term (Fall/Spring)

EDL 680 – Leadership Perspectives (3 credits)

EDL 681 – Leadership Development (3 credits)


Second Academic Term (Fall/Spring)

EDL 684 – Learning Theory into Practice (3 credits)

EDL 685 – Curriculum Development (3 credits)


Third Academic Term (Fall/Spring)

EDL 683 – Supervision and Staff Development (3 credits)

EDL 687 – Administrative Internship I (1.5 credits)


Fourth Academic Term (Fall/Spring)

EDL 688 – Administrative Internship II (1.5 credits)

EDL 682 – Organizational Development (3 credits)

EDL 689 – Seminar in Educational Leadership (3 credits) *


Summer Sessions

EDL 602 – Educational Law [Summer Session A] (3 credits)

EDL 657 – Educational Finance [Summer Session B] (3 credits)


* EDL 689 may also be taken in the term following completion of the administrative internship, rather than concomitant with it.


For more information about the Sixth Year Program in Educational Leadership, contact the program coordinator, Dr. Christopher E. Trombly:


Office: 203-392-5989