Minor in Latin American and Caribbean Studies

The Latin American and Caribbean Studies Program at Southern Connecticut State University welcomes globally-conscious students interested in broadening their cultural, economic, geographical, historical, political and social understanding of Latin America and the Caribbean. The 18-credit minor provides students with an opportunity to embrace an interdisciplinary study of the region, while enhancing their appreciation for our multicultural, multiethnic, multilingual society. To complete the minor, students choose from a broad variety of courses to create a coherent program that matches their academic interests

Individuals who wish to complement their major area of study can take intellectually stimulating courses that prepare them for working in or with people from this region of the world. Enriching expertise and knowledge of Latin America & the Caribbean serves to better prepare our students for careers and further study in the 21st Century. Students take LAC 100 (Introduction to Latin American and Caribbean Studies) and select 15 additional credits from anthropology, geography, history, literature, public health, political science, special education and Spanish.

The Latin American & Caribbean Studies Minor is an Area Studies at Southern. The University offers four area studies minors, each of which brings to bear on an important region of the world the expertise of faculty members from different departments. The purpose is to present a broad, integrated view of the region and its issues, past and present. Students who do not wish to take the entire minor may elect any courses for which they are qualified.


Latin American and Caribbean Studies | Program Requirements