Psychology, B.A. - Concentration: General

Psychology is the study of the mind, the brain, and behavior, which covers a wide range of topics, such as understanding different forms of mental illness, how we learn and think, how we interact with others, and how our nervous system works. Psychology is a research-based field and we emphasize the scientific method in our classes. The field also covers how psychological knowledge can be applied - such as treating disorders, providing counseling, enhancing employee health, assessing cognitive skills, and improving educational techniques.

The B.A. in Psychology, General concentration is designed for students who want to obtain a broad base of knowledge in Psychology and want the flexibility to tailor their course selections to their specific interests. It provides training in the experimental methods of scientific psychology as well as the principles of behavior and mental processes. Students take a mixture of required courses and selections from specific groups of courses. They will have classes ranging from surveys of broad topics to an experimental psychology lab course to high-level special-topics seminars. Students are encouraged to pursue opportunities to become involved in research, including working with faculty on research internships for course credit and completing thesis and independent study projects. Additionally, the program provides students with enough elective credits to pursue a minor.

The General Psychology concentration is an excellent option for students who have broad interests in the field of Psychology and who want the flexibility to pursue different career paths.


The Psychology department also has an accelerated B.S. – M.A. and B.A. General – M.A. program (M.A. in 5 years). If you want to enter the Accelerated MA program (BA/MA or BS/MA), you will need to fill out an additional Accelerated Track BA to MA Agreement Form on the Acceptance into the Psychology Major page, and then meet with Dr. Patricia Kahlbaugh,, before submitting your application.