Telephone Directory

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*If dialing from outside campus, press 39 plus the extension listed in the directory, so that the number you are dialing is in the format 203-392-XXXX.

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University Police

BERNARD, Stephanie25375  
BOYKE, Khalilah E.25375  
CASUCCI, Armando25375  
COPELAND, Deborah25375  
DAY, Pamela M. 25375  
DOOLEY, Joseph M.25375  
FISHER, Arthur25375  
GALASSO, Thomas C.25375  
General Information25376 
GIBSON, Shane M,25375  
GILLOTTI, Daniel S.25375  
GONZALEZ, Daniel25375  
GRIMME, Paul D.25375  
HANKEY, Todd A.25375
HAYDEN, Monike M.25375  
HETTRICK, Krystopher R.25375  
JACOB, Ryan25375  
MASSARO, Anthony M.25375  
NELSON, Tonya B.26315  
NUNEZ, Sergio25375  
PANTANI, Abbey J.25375  
PELLETIER, Craig25375
PESSINA, Philip J.25375  
Police Dispatch25375 
PULLEN, Kim25375  
RAMOS, Christina25375  
RANDALL, Richard26513  
REAVES, Ellis25375  
SULKOWSKI, Elmer25375  
TORRES, Cynthia25375  
TORRES, Ivan25375  
TULLO, Marc F.25375
VELOZA, David P.25375