Placement Exams Transfer Students

Transfer students (full-time and part-time)


If you have transferred in credits for ENG 110, 111, or 112 you do not need a placement for English compostion.  If you did not transfer in any of the three English composition courses listed, your English placement will be assessed by the Academic Advisement Center based on the following guidelines:

  1. If you transfered in 2 semesters or more of college credits, but have not transferred in an English composition equivalent and have an overall college GPA of a 2.5 or lower, you will be placed in ENG 110.
  2. If you transferred in 2 semesters or more of college credits and have transferred in an ENG Transfer Elective and have an overall college GPA of a 2.5 or better, you will be placed into ENG 112.  


If you have transferred in credits for MAT 095, 100 or greater, you do not need to take the math test placement.  (SAT scores may not be used for placement by transfer students).  If you have not transferred in math credits you should register for an on campus math placement test by clicking here.  You may not take a math placement if you have transferred in math or after you have taken a math course at Southern.


Proficiency in a language other than English is required to graduate from SCSU.  If you have transferred a 100-level language course that will act as your placement.  If you have not transferred in language credits, you must take an online World Language placement.  If you plan to learn a new language, you may simply begin by taking the level one course.  If you are proficient in a foreign language you may take the STAMP Test on campus which is available during the fall  and spring semester by scheduling an appointment in the World Language Lab in Engleman Hall, EN B131.

If you need to take the online World Language Placement, please note that you must use a computer when taking the placement and cannot use a smartphone or handheld device.  Also, for compatibility, we recommend you use Firefox as your browser.  Please use the instructions below to access the placement:

  1. Go directly to the url:
  2. Login into BB Learn 9 using your MySCSU username and password
  3. Under the Course List you will see SCSU 12434.201510:  PLX-WLL-O-Fall 2014, click on it to begin the placement.  The placement has a time limit of 1 1/2 hours.  You cannot start it and resume it later; you must start and complete it within that time.