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Employment Forms Information


Federal Law requires all employees to show proof of identity and employment eligibility. Most students use a driver's license and social security card, or permanent resident card. For a complete list of acceptable documents please see page 2 of the I-9 Form.

Federal and CT W-4 Forms

University employees can not advise students how to complete their tax forms. If students are unsure what to claim they are encouraged to speak with a parent or guardian. International students will complete their forms in the Human Resources Department after having the Work Authorization Request stamped at the Center for Career Services. The Human Resources Officer will advise them of any tax treaties the US has with the student's home country.

State of CT Code of Ethics

All CT state employees are required to review and agree to the State of CT Code of Ethics. This code should guide you in making decisions when you are on the job.

Direct Deposit Authorization

Although direct deposit is not required it is strongly encouraged. Authorizing the university to deposit your pay check directly into your bank account ensures you will get your check on time whether you are at home or on-campus, even if the university is closed for snow!

Payroll Calendar

Student Employment Work Authorization Request form deadlines, pay date, and timesheet deadlines can be found here.