Campus Tutorial Center Mission

The mission of the Campus Tutorial Center is to assist Southern students as they prepare for advanced university studies.  Focusing on general education courses, Tutorial Center tutors offer individual attention and study group facilitation with the goal of helping students establish a solid foundation for academic success.



To meet our mission, we are committed to the following objectives:

Attuning themselves to the uniqueness of each student, tutors devise strategies that they deem the most suitable for meeting the student's academic needs. 

Tutors see to it that students actively search for the solutions to problems and answers to their questions.  Through the students' involvement, their learning endures, sustaining them throughout their university studies and preparing them for further learning as professionals.

In some measure, the tutoring process is a weaning process.  Students are encouraged to form their own strategies not only for addressing specific questions but also for broader application.  An attendant benefit for the student is the confidence derived from applying strategies successfully.

By the example of their enthusiasm and their desire to learn and to teach, tutors provide for students an attitudinal model that underlies effectual learning.  Students inspired by their experience in tutorials will continue their university studies and find satisfaction in their scholastic achievements.