Student Life Vans

The Office of Student Life has two, 12-passenger vans available for club and organization use.

The University's Van Policy should be reviewed by all students and faculty interested in using the Student Life vans.

Van Driver Registration

To be eligible to drive the vans, students and faculty must go through Van Training and become registered with the state. The process is as follows:


Student van drivers must be at least 21 years of age. You must watch the Van Training video, and submit the Van Training Acknowledgment form, DAS form, and a copy of your valid driver's license to the Office of Student Life. These documents should be delivered to Eric LaCharity in ASC 227, or faxed to Student Life at (203) 392-8963. This process takes several days to complete, and you will then be notified via email regarding your eligibility.


You must watch the Van Training video and email Eric LaCharity at stating you have watched the video. You will then be notified via email regarding your eligibility.

If van drivers are needed for your trip, Student Life can attempt to provide them for you. Please note that we have a limited number of student van drivers who may not be available for your trip.

Van Reservations

To reserve the vans, students and faculty must complete the online Van Reservation form (this form is within Collegiate Link and requires you to logon with your MySCSU account). Please consult the Van Usage calendar before submitting the form, as it is generally an accurate indicator of van availability. The individual who submits the form will then be notified via email regarding the status of their reservation.

Please note that Student Life only has two vans, and they may be booked well in advance. As such, we advise you to reserve your trips as soon as possible.

If the Student Life vans are not available, it is possible to rent vans from the state. While the Student Life vans are free for student and faculty use, the price of state van rentals will be paid for by your club or organization. To rent a van from the state, please contact Eric LaCharity at

Once a reservation has been confirmed, a certified van driver must sign out the keys from Student Life in ASC 212. Only a certified van driver may pick up the keys. Upon returning from the trip, the keys should be returned to our office. If the Student Life office is closed when a trip is leaving or returning from campus, the keys should be picked up and/or returned to Campus Police. Drivers may also arrange to pick up the keys in advance by emailing Eric LaCharity at The vans themselves should always be left in Lot 5 behind the Adanti Student Center.

A Van Mileage form, which is located in a binder in each van, must be completed in full by all drivers for all trips and returned to Student Life upon returning to campus.

It is the driver's responsibility to ensure the vans are returned with the same amount of gas they were signed out with.

Failure to comply with these policies and procedures will result in suspension of van privileges for the club or organization involved.

Any questions regarding the vans should be directed to Eric LaCharity at

Van Driver Applications

Student Life is currently accepting applications from students looking to become part-time van drivers. Hours are based on a purely as-needed basis. That is, student drivers will be considered on call and will be notified when a driver is needed. Student drivers will not have regular hours, but will be considered Student Workers in our office. As such, drivers will be required to fill out Student Worker paperwork in order to be paid for their services.

Students interested in becoming a Student Van Driver should fill out an application and submit it to Student Life in ASC 212. Students will be notified of their certification status 5-7 business days after submitting their application.