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Commuter Student Services

The mission of Commuter Student Services is to provide support services and effective communication to commuter students that will facilitate your success and connection to the SCSU community. We are here to make it easier for you by answering questions, offering referrals, and by advocating on your behalf about issues and concerns that effect you while gaining your education at Southern.

SCSU is your university, and has much to offer during you tenure, but it will require some effort on your part! Getting involved in campus life by joining a student club or organization, attending lectures and special programs, participating in athletics or intramurals, and working on campus are some ways to enhance your out-of-classroom engagement and improve your overall experience. With more than 100 clubs and organizations, great athletic teams, exciting campus programs like lectures by nationally recognized authors, politicians, and influential humanitarians, Homecoming, Spring Weekend, bus trips, movie nights, dances, step show competitions, karaoke nights, poetry slams, comedy nights, and much, much more -- there's always something fun and interesting happening at Southern!