Costs & Eligibility to Live on Campus

  1. The Office of Residence Life provides on-campus living accommodations for undergraduate and graduate students.  Students must be matriculated and full time (exceptions may be made by the Office of Residence Life for special circumstances.)photo of two smiling students
  2. On-campus housing is not required or guaranteed for students. Assignments are made in the order in which the university receives both the completed housing application and the required housing deposit. Students who submit a housing application and pay a housing deposit early have the greatest likelihood of receiving an on-campus assignment.
  3. Undergraduate students may request housing for a maximum of 10 fall/spring semesters, not inclusive of breaks & summer. Graduate students may request housing for a maximum of 4 fall/spring semesters, not inclusive of breaks & summer.
  4. Deposits, fees, and hall damage bills not paid on time may result in a student being removed from a residence hall.
  5. Residents who demonstrate an inability to meet community living standards will not be allowed to return to the residence halls.
  6. If a student withdraws from the university or residence hall, he or she must vacate the residence hall no later than 24 hours after withdrawal.
  7. Any resident terminated for disciplinary, financial, health, or safety reasons in one residence hall will not be allowed to reside in another residence hall during his or her suspension period.
  8. Pursuant to Connecticut State General Statute 10a-155b, all students residing in a college residence hall, as a condition of such residence, MUST be vaccinated for meningitis. Please see the Granoff Student Health Services Web site for information
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