First-Year Resident Student Motorized Vehicle Prohibition Policy and Appeal Process


Effective with the 2009-2010 academic year, first-time, full-time residential students will not be permitted to park a motorized vehicle on the campus of Southern Connecticut State University.


First-year students who choose to live on campus are expected to become engaged participants in their living/learning communities and to contribute to the life of the university.  In addition, the experiences gained from a residential experience contribute immeasurably to the overall education of the student, as well as the academic success of the student, at Southern.  The staff of the Office of Residence Life as well as the student programming groups such as the Student Government Association, the Inter-Residence Council, and the Programs Council, offer a rich array of social, education, cultural and recreational programs through the week.  These programs build on and support the educational goals of the First Year Experience Program, Southern's distinctive and highly successful program designed to support first-year students in their success at the university.  Frequent and significant absences from one's assigned living community interrupt the development of strong learning communities and maximal student learning.


In rare and extraordinary circumstances, the university, at its sole discretion, may provide a waiver of this vehicle prohibition policy to an individual student for some or all of the semester, and/or academic year. Beginning with the Fall 2013 semester, the university will also consider exceptions for verifiable  employment related reasons. Waivers which are filed on the basis of medical circumstances, compelling life circumstances and/or employment circumstances will be considered, as follows: 

1. Medical Circumstances: 

A waiver may be granted if a student has a medical condition which necessitates regular and frequent access to a vehicle. 

In these instances, the student must:

    •    Submit electronically the on-line appeal form here,  AND

    •    Send, the following to the address below:

    •    A signed,  HIPPA release form, downloadable here  AND

    •    A letter from the student's treating physician, on letterhead, which  outlines the diagnosis, treatment plan and the dates of established medically required appointments

Director of Student Health Services
Granoff Hall
501 Crescent Street 
New Haven, Connecticut 06515

2. Compelling Life Circumstances:  

A waiver may be granted to a student who experiences a short or long-term life circumstance which is beyond his/her control which requires access to a vehicle.  Off campus employment at a distance from the university will not be considered a compelling life circumstance. If a waiver is approved in this instance, it will be for a specific period of time which will be indicated at the time of the approval. 

In these circumstances, the student must:

    •    Submit electronically the on-line appeal form here.  Be sure to provide a complete explanation of the special life circumstances which warrant consideration of a waiver. 

Whether you are appealing on the basis of  medical or compelling life circumstances, you are urged to print out and keep a copy of your completed appeal form for your records. 

3. Employment Circumstances:

Please understand that the availability of parking is extremely limited and requests will be processed on a first come/first serve basis. Whether you are appealing on the basis of medical, compelling life or employment circumstances, you are urged to print out and keep a copy of your completed appeal form for your records.


Appeals will be reviewed by a three member committee, at least one of whom will be a student.  Incomplete appeals, including those without required documentation, will not receive consideration.

The committee's decisions will be communicated via e-mail to the student's university e-mail address.  All decisions are final.