Information for Faculty and Staff

SyllaBus Disability Statement

We encourage you to begin the semester with a general announcement or statement included in your course syllabus, inviting students to express their need for course accommodations, auxiliary aids, or services.  A disability statement opens the lines of communication, making students feel more comfortable when approaching faculty to disclose their need for course accommodations or other disability-related needs. A syllabus statement also helps to ensure that all students are aware of the existence of the Disability Resource Center.
The University has designated the Disability Resource Center (DRC) as the place where documentation regarding a student's disability is on file and where appropriate accommodations are determined.  Reasonable accommodations are determined on a case-by-case basis because the functional limitations of each individual and the specific demands of each course may vary. In some cases, the staff of the DRC may consult with a faculty member to determine the essential standards of a course or program of study in order to then determine what constitutes an appropriate accommodation.

Sample Syllabus Disability Statement

"Southern Connecticut State University provides reasonable accommodations in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, for students with documented disabilities on an individualized basis. If you are a student with a documented disability, the University’s Disability Resource Center (DRC) can work with you to determine appropriate accommodations. Before you receive accommodations in this class, you will need to make an appointment with the DRC, which is located at EN C-105A. To discuss your approved accommodations or other concerns, such as medical emergencies or arrangements in case the building must be evacuated, please make an appointment to meet with the course instructor as soon as possible."

Faculty Exam Accommodation Information

If the DRC is to host a student's exam, the student must provide a DRC exam envelope to their professor. Upon completing the form located on the outside of the envelope, the professor should deliver it to the DRC with the exam enclosed  before the student's scheduled exam time. Completing the exam envelope is critical in assisting us in administering exams.

Upon the student's completion, the exam will be collected, signed, and sealed in an envelope by the proctor. The professor has the discretion to choose how to receive the exam. The student can deliver to exam or it can be picked up by the professor or department secretary.

Please have exams to the DRC office 48 hours before the time of the scheduled exam.

Students arriving late to their exam or quiz will have their time deducted and their professor will be notified. The DRC will attach a note to the exam packet disclosing that the student was late and by how much time, and the professor has the discretion to choose a course of action. 

If a student is found cheating, the exam is stopped immediately and the professor is notified. The professor has the discretion on how to handle each case. 

Rescheduling Exams in the DRC

Students who request to reschedule an exam in the DRC need to have written permission from their professor  stating the student's name, course, date and time of the proposed change, as well as the signature of the professor.

We prefer that students pick up a Permission to Reschedule an Exam form in the DRC and have their professor complete the form and return it to the DRC. 

Policy for E-Mailing Exams

While the DRC policy is that exams be delivered by the instructor, as this provides an opportunity to clarify issues, complete necessary paperwork, and protect the integrity of the exam, the DRC will accept e-mailed exams under the following conditions:

Please note: In order to be available to proctor exams for instructors, DRC staff cannot deliver exams back to the instructors. Instructors can choose to pick up exams in person, send a department secretary to pick up the exam, or have the student return the exam to the department via a sealed envelope.

As with all electronic communication, confidentiality cannot be guaranteed, but the following safeguards will be taken:

DRC Final Exam Information

Final exams create a high demand for proctored accommodated tests in the DRC. The following guidelines have been developed to ensure that exams are delivered smoothly. Should a professor or student have any questions about the following procedures, they should contact the DRC at least 2 days prior to their exam.