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LGBTQIA Prism Club

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It shall be the purpose of LGBT Prism, an undergraduate student club, to work toward educational awareness on the SCSU campus dealing with different sexualities. Members promote acceptance and fairness in campus policies and student attitudes, and above all they shall maintain a supportive network for one another. This organization will work with determination to peacefully combat homophobia. This work may include, but not necessarily be limited to, such activities as sponsoring films, dances, and guest speakers at meetings and in residence halls.


Executive Board Members

President: Elle Higgins,
Secretary: Sarah Malmberg,
Treasurer: Catherine Given,
Adanti Student Center, Room 309
Every Tuesday at 7:30 pm

day of silence 2008 



Jay Henderson
Graduate Intern, New Student and Sophomore Programs
(203) 392-7294



day of silence 2008

day of silence 2008