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Applying to Southern

Once you have applied to your respective exchange program, your application will be reviewed first by the exchange program to which you have applied, then by OIE staff at Southern to see whether our institution will be able to accommodate you and your specific course needs. Our exchange partners typically receive a reply within 1-2 weeks, depending on whether our office requires additional information in order to make a decision. You are then notified of whether a placement has been made at Southern.

If you are accepted to participate in an exchange semester or year at Southern, you will be asked to fill out Southern's "J-1 Exchange Visitor Application." The application provides us with the information necessary in order to register you as a visiting student at Southern, to begin to assemble information needed to issue your DS-2019 (for immigration purposes), and to enroll you in courses. We ask that the application be filled out and returned within two weeks so that we can continue making plans for your stay at Southern.

Please continue exploring the sidebar for further information on what to do once you receive a placement at Southern.


Submission of the J-1 Exchange Visitor Application with proof of comprehensive health insurance and evidence of sufficient funds (to support the Exchange Visitor for the duration of his/her stay) is required. Proof of health insurance and proof of finances are required in order for the OIE to issue the DS 2019.

Proof of health insurance may be submitted in the form of a statement of benefits or a breakdown of insurance coverage. Click here to review a sample statement of benefits to show what this document might look like. Here are the Federal Regulations for minimum health insurance coverage requirements for J-1 Exchange Visitors. If the student's current health insurance does not meet these requirements, the student may choose to purchase the SCSU comprehensive health insurance.

Proof of finances may be submitted in the form of a bank statement to show that the student has sufficient funds to live on or off-campus for the duration of his/her semesters at SCSU.


The J-1 Exchange Visitor Application contains a course request list which the student must fill out. This course request list assists the OIE in enrolling the student in courses at Southern. Please indicate preferred courses and courses of secondary preference.

Health Form

All students are required to complete the Connecticut State University Student Health Services Form. This form will be kept on file at Southern's Granoff Health Center, where the student will have access to medical care.

Housing & Meals 

The student must indicate if he/she will be living on- or off-campus. If the student plans to live on-campus, he/she will have to apply for Housing via the MySCSU website.


Steps 2 through 4 cannot be completed without the J-1 Exchange Visitor Application.