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Elu Tu

Elu Tu

Assistant Professor and Foreign Language Lab Coordinator- Technology Center for Language Teaching & Learning

Office: EN-D155
Phone: (203) 392-6769

Ph.D., Curriculum and Instruction (Program of World Language Education) — University of Wisconsin-Madison


Second Language Writing, Complex Dynamic System Theory, Self-Directed Learning, Digital Literacy, Language Policies, Chinese Language Pedagogy, Writing system, Teachers' Written Responses, Discourse Analysis

Director, Greater University Tutoring Service at University of Wisconsin-Madison Program Coordinator, Conversational English Curriculum Program at University of

Tu, I. Emerging Second Language Writing Identity and Complex Dynamic Writing: A Transdisciplinary Perspective. (Under Review)
Tu, I. Imagined Mandarin Community through Second Language Writing Practice under a Lens of Complex Dynamic System Theory. Canadian Modern Language Review (Under Review)

Tu, I. An Analysis of Common Core in Literacy Using the Lens of National Standard in Foreign Language Education.

Tu, I. (Sep. 6-8, 2012). Exploring Writing Discourse with World Language Learners: Three Case Studies from China, Taiwan, and the United States. Paper presented at the Symposium on Second Language Writing, IN

Tu, I. (Dec 15-16, 2012). Discourse Analysis and Ecological Theory in World Language Learning: Three Case Studies in Shanghai. Paper presented at the Intercultural Competence and Interaction Conference, Shanghai, China

Tu, I. (Nov 22-23, 2013). A Discourse Analysis of Second Language Writing-- Complex Dynamic Systems Theory as a Framework. Paper presented at the Language and Language Teaching Conference, Pingtung, Taiwan

Tu, I. (Jun 20-21, 2014). The Zeitgeist of Educational Reform in Taiwan---from the 410 Demonstration to the National Twelve-Year Basic Educational System. Poster presented at the North American Taiwan Studies Association Conference, Madison, WI

Tu, I. (Nov. 13-15, 2014). A Discourse Analysis: On the Study of Interaction between Identity Capital and World Language Writing Systems. Paper presented at the Symposium on Second Language Writing, AZ

Cheng, Y., and Tu, I. (Apr.16-20, 2014). An Analysis of Common Core in Early Literacy Using the Lens of Developmentally Appropriate Practice. Paper presented at the American Educational Research Association, IL

Tu, I. and Chiu, Y. (Oct.19-22, 2016). Using Complex Dynamic Systems Theory in Chinese Language Writing Classroom: A Pedagogical Perspective. Paper presented at the Symposium on Second Language Writing, AZ

Tu, I. (Mar. 15-18, 2017). Does the "Best Practices" Help Students' Self-Directed Learning in Second Language Writing? A Qualitative Study on Relation between Teacher's Written Responses and Students' Self-Directed Learning. Paper presented at the Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC), OR