Curriculum-Related Grants

February 25, 2015

Dear Colleagues:

We invite proposals for curriculum-related activities to be performed by faculty members during the summer. In accordance with the CSU-AAUP/BOT Collective Bargaining Agreement, funds available for such projects will be awarded at the discretion of the President, employing an advisory system established by the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Projects should clearly reflect effort and activity above and beyond normal expectations for course preparation. Proposals should directly lead to curricular innovations targeted to W courses, on-line courses or program development, interdisciplinary collaborations and other developments that further the goals of the Liberal Education Program. Preference will be given to projects that enhance instruction and assessment of learning in multiple sections of courses. Only one proposal per person will be accepted. The Committee will evaluate completed proposals and recommend individual awards up to $2,500 each for meritorious proposals. Collaborative proposals involving two or more faculty members will be funded at a maximum of $5,000 to be shared by the applicants. For joint proposals, it is necessary to describe the contribution of each member in detail. Any funds awarded for this 2015-2016 grant cycle must be expended by September 30, 2016. A final report is due September 30, 2016. Individuals who have previously received awards under this program must have submitted a final report to the Office of Faculty Development in order to be considered for the current award cycle.

Copies of successfully funded proposals from previous years are available in the Office of Faculty Development. If you have questions about the program or the proposal format, please contact Jennifer Hudson, Faculty Development Associate, at x 25357.

The deadline for receipt of proposals is Wednesday, April 15, 4:00 p.m. as an email attachment sent to Jennifer Hudson at, but all joint proposals require an original, hand-signed print copy of the signed consent form. The committee will notify recipients of awards on or around Friday, May 1, 2015.

Bonnie Farley-Lucas
Director, Faculty Development

CRAC - Curriculum-Related Activities Committee Grant RFP

Curriculum Grant Proposal Evaluation Rubric

Curriculum Related Activities Grants--General Information

Congratulations on receiving your Curriculum Related Activities Grant.  Best wishes for a successful program.  The information that follows will help you in achieving the success that you wish.

The amount of the award was specified in the letter you received from the Associate Vice President for Assessment, Planning and Academic Programs.  Please exercise care in planning your project to ensure that you do not exceed this amount. 

The grant money must be used during the summer. 

A Banner organization will be set up for each grant awarded in the name of the recipient.  When a joint proposal has been funded, one faculty member will be identified for administrative purposes. The University will administer the expenses for your project through the procedures described below.  Please note that all expenses must be included in your budget.

For reimbursement of supplies or materials under and up to $99.99 (in total), you may purchase the items yourself and submit a CO-17XP Employee Voucher - Travel and Other form, with original receipts attached, to the Office of Faculty Development within 20 calendar days of the purchase so that approved paperwork can get to Accounts Payable within the required 30 calendar day time frame. This reimbursement will be charged to your Banner organization. Please note that the University will not reimburse employees for Connecticut State Sales Tax. For complete information and regulations on reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses, please visit the Accounts Payable web page.

For items equal to or greater than $100, please complete a Purchase Requisition (to issue a Purchase Order) and submit to the Office of Faculty Development before purchase. Allow two to four weeks for the processing of your order. For complete information on purchasing procedures and regulations, please visit the Procurement Department's web page.

A supplement to your salary may be taken for any aspect of the project that does not include funds for supplies, materials or equipment. The stipend will be reflected in your Payroll check (usually in July). NOTE: Stipends may not exceed $2,500.00.


A completed Travel Authorization is required for ALL travel involving any non-mileage expense greater than $25 per trip, REGARDLESS OF THE FUNDING SOURCE(S). This Travel Authorization MUST receive approval from your Chairperson, Dean, and the Associate Vice President for Assessment, Planning and Academic Program before date(s) of travel.

The purpose of having a Travel Authorization on file in the Travel section of the Accounts Payable Department is to support your being on official university business while traveling. The travel authorization supports coverage of workers' compensation should an unfortunate accident
occur while you are traveling.

All requests for travel associated with a Curriculum Related Grant must be received by the Office of Faculty Development at least three weeks prior to travel and then to Accounts Payable at least two weeks prior to travel. Any travel requests submitted after the travel event may be subject to personal liability.

Anticipated travel expenses should be noted on a Travel Authorization (TA) Form.   
A travel advance can be requested against the TA.  Besides checking the box on the TA form for the travel advance, you also need to fill out a travel advance agreement form and a voucher/disbursement request form made out for the amount of the cash advance. Advances are restricted to 80% of the total approved for reimbursement on the Travel Authorization exclusive of airfare or rail purchased through the current State Travel Agent or prepayment of registration fees, and must be in excess of $100.00. Upon your return, you will have to reconcile with Accounts Payable within 15 business days if an advance is taken or 30 calendar days if an advance is not taken.

All forms can be found at the Travel Office web page
NOTE:  If you use some portion of your advance to make payment to research subjects while on travel, a simple form that includes the subject's printed name, date payment was made, amount of the payment,  and signature of subject recipient should be included with the reconciliation. 

Submission of Grant Reports

A final report on curriculum-related project outcomes and expenditures must be filed with the Office of Faculty Development upon completion. You may submit your report to the attention of Ms. Jennifer Hudson, Faculty Development Associate,