2014-2015 Faculty Senate Membership



Faculty Senate Standing Committee

Accounting Emmanuel Emenyonu Finance
Anthropology   Student Policy
Art Greg Cochenet Rules
Athletics   Student Policy
Biology Jonathan Weinbaum Personnel
Chemistry Adiel Coca Rules, Chair
Communication Jane NcGinn Student Policy
Com Disorders Deborah Weiss Academic Policy
Computer Science Amal Abdel Raouf Technology
Counseling Michelle Lawler Elections
Couns/Sch Psych Ramon Vega de Jesus Academic Policy
Earth Science Jim Fullmer Academic policy
Econ/Finance Sam Andoh Technology
Education Beena Achhpal Academic Policy
Ed Leadership Peter Madonia Finance, Chair
English Joel Dodson Technology
English Mike Shea Personnel
English   Personnel
Exercise Science Matthew Rothbard Elections, Chair
Exercise Science Robert Gregory Rules
Geography Leon Yacher Personnel
History Nikos Chrissidis Personnel
History Byron Nakamura Personnel
Journalism Jerry Dunklee Student policy
Library Science Elsie Okobi Technology
Library Services Diane Tomasko Technology
Library Services Jeff Dickens Technology, Chair
Management/MIS Rick Bassett Technology
Marketing Shyam Lodha Finance
Mathematics Joe Fields/John Scheuermann Technology
Mathematics Maria Diamantis Secretary
Media Studies Wes O’Brien Rules
Music Mark Kuss Student Policy
Nursing Chris Denhup Technology
Nursing Lisa Rebeschi Elections
Part-Time Faculty    
Part-Time Faculty    
Part-Time Faculty    
Part-Time Faculty    
Philosophy David Pettigrew Academic policy, Chair
Physics Todd Schwendemann Personnel
Political Science Kevin Buterbaugh Personnel
Psychology Gayle Bessenoff Personnel-Chair
Psychology Kevin Colwell Student policy
Public Health William Faraclas Senate President
Public Health Deb Flynn Student Policy
Recreation/Leisure Jan Jones Technology
Science Ed/Env Stud Cathi Koehler Student Policy
Social Work Heather Pizzanello Academic Policy
Social Work Monroe Tomczak Personnel
Sociology Jessica Kenty-Drane Technology
Special Ed/Reading Patricia Major Rules
Special Ed/Reading Ron Tamura  Student Policy, Chair
Theatre Larry Nye Finance
World Languages and Literatures Luisa Piemontese Elections
World Languages and Literatures Lisa Vitale Elections
UCF Elizabeth Keenan UCF representative
Graduate Council Chris Petto Grad. Council representative
Student Government   Student
SCSU President Dr. Mary Papazian SCSU President
Faculty Senate Past President Susan Cusato Senate Past President