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The Payroll Department is located in the wintergreen building

        Room 107 across the hall from graduate admissions


We are Open Monday to Friday from 8am to 430pm 


Main Number - (203) 392-5430
Fax Number - (203) 392-5432 

  To Log onto Core CT please click on the logo Below


System Availability:     4AM to 8PM Sunday to Saturday
                                               Non Pay Thursdays 4AM to 2PM

Core CT Password resets:

To reset your CoreCT Password send an email to you will receive a response within 1 Business day.

Giovanni D'Onofrio- Payroll Coordinator - (203) 392-5425
    • Grant Payments
    • Workers Compensation
    • Honorarium payments
    • Benefit Billing

Ken Pereira - Payroll Officer - (203) 392-5427
  •  All full-time and part time faculty payments, including Longevity
  • Graduate Assistants/Interns
  • Employees in the following capacities:  Clerical Employees,  Management Employees SUOAF, 1199 Health Care

Kommaly Xayasone - Payroll Clerk- (203) 392-5079

Student and Work Study Payroll

Linda D'Addio - Payroll Clerk - (203) 392-5621
  • Maintenance Payments
  • Protective Services Payments
  • University Assistants and Benefit Billing