Request for DisposAL of SCSU Official Records

The following steps detail the procedure for requesting authorization to dispose of any and all official SCSU records. Please feel free to contact Phil Koslowski, University Records Specialist by phone at x26205 or by email.

  1. Click on the link below to access the RC-108 Records Disposition Authorization Form. You may complete the form online.
  2. After reviewing the form to ensure that you have included all relevant information, sign and forward to your division's Assistant Records Management Liaison Officer (ARMLO). Each ARMLO will review, initial, and forward the completed RC-108 to Phil Koslowski in Records & Information Management (RIM).
  3. Phil will review, sign, and forward the completed RC-108 to the Office of the Public Records Administrator (OPRA).
  4. Upon receipt of the approved form, Phil will contact Shred-It to arrange for disposal of your records.
  5. Please click on this link to obtain the RC-108.