An MBA degree from Southern prepares graduates to assume leadership roles in profit and not-for-profit organizations in finance, accounting, marketing, or management. The degree also prepares graduates for additional managerial responsibility and administrative roles, and helps them to maximize the potential of their employers to succeed in the current marketplace.

The majority of students in Southern's MBA program are working professionals who are seeking to advance and succeed in their chosen field. A goal of the MBA program is to create a relationship with each student's employer to maximize the potential benefit to both the student and the organization for which he or she works. Students now have the option of a traditional MBA program or Southern's Accelerated MBA program that will allow students to complete their MBA in 18 months.

About 10 to 20 percent of the students enroll in the MBA program directly after completing their baccalaureate studies, recognizing that a graduate degree will help them start higher on or move more quickly up the corporate ladder. In either case, the interdisciplinary nature of the program allows students to tailor their courses to their specific interests and ambitions.