Social Work Department Advanced Standing


Special Note:  Applicants for the Advanced Standing Program are strongly advised not to engage in full time employment while completing this program.  It requires the student to make a committment to a more rigorous and time intensive course of study.

This program is designed for individuals who have earned a Bachelor's Degree in Social Work (BSW) from a CSWE accredited Social Work program within the last 6 years (courses older than six years will not be accepted by the School of Graduate Studies).  The review process for acceptance into the Advanced Standing Program occurs after the applicant has been accepted into our MSW Program.  However, applicants for the Advanced Standing Program are still required to submit all application materials by the regular MSW program application deadline.

Students applying for Advanced Standing must provide:

If approved for Advanced Standing, the following courses after evaluation may be waived:  SWK 510, SWK 550, SWK 532, SWK 533, SWK 534, SWK 570 and SWK 571.

If the applicant is accepted into the MSW Program, his/her application for Advanced Standing is then forwarded to the Coordinator of the MSW Program for a review of transcripts and previous internship experiences in order to determine the courses and credits that may be waived.

The Department allows for the waiver of up to 21 credits for Advanced Standing students.  A student eligible for all waivers is therefore required to complete 39 credits for the MSW degree.  Credit will be granted for foundation level courses if undergraduate grades in similar courses are "B" or better.  To receive credit for field practice, grades must be "A-" or better.  In addition, previous evaluations are reviewed to determine whether or not undergraduate field assignments provided opportunities for direct practice with clients.  Students who are given credit for undergraduate field practice are eligible to do one field placement instead of two.  This field placement is for 900 hours rather than 1100 hours required of non-BSW students.  The placement runs from the beginning of September to the end of May.  Once this review is completed, the Coordinator will notify the student regarding the number of credits waived.




BSW students who receive the maximum credit waiver (24 credits) are required to complete 39 credits to complete the MSW Program.  This program of study can be completed in two years.  Advanced Standing students who cannot complete the program in two years can choose a 3-year extended plan of advanced standing study.  It is important to keep in mind that the intership, whenever it is taken, requires a heavy committment and precludes working full-time during the internship.