Anthropology, B.S. - TESOL M.S. Accelerated Pathway

The Anthropology and TESOL departments at Southern Connecticut State University offer an Accelerated Pathway Program to individuals interested in completing their Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees within five years. This flexible accelerated program offers students the opportunity to gain expertise in two fields of study: Anthropology and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. The program will expand students’ career options and will allow them to work anywhere in the world. 

Program Features 

  • Complete both degrees in only five years 
  • Tailor course selection towards your areas of interest in both Anthropology and TESOL with multiple electives available in each of the programs 
  • The only Accelerated Interdisciplinary Pathway Program in Anthropology and TESOL available in Connecticut 
  • Save 12 credits of tuition by completing both degrees at SCSU 
  • Professionals with both degrees are exceptionally competitive in the workforce 
  • Graduates of this interdisciplinary program are well prepared for doctoral-level education 

Who Should Apply 

Outstanding students who pursue their undergraduate degree 

in Anthropology and seek an advanced degree in TESOL are encouraged to apply for admission to the interdisciplinary Accelerated Pathway Program. Those seeking a career in teaching English across the globe, teaching English in the U.S., working with immigrants, and doing research in anthropological linguistics. 

Career Opportunities 

This interdisciplinary program prepares its graduates for careers in teaching English as a foreign language at schools and universities all over the world. In addition, graduates also gain an advantage in applying for doctoral program in Anthropology and/or Linguistics at top ranking institutions in the U.S. 

*Based on 1-year full-time graduate tuition 

Contact Information 

Dr. Elena Schmitt
(203) 392-6138