Computer Science, B.S. - Cybersecurity, M.S. Accelerated Pathway

The Department of Computer Science at Southern Connecticut State University offers an Accelerated Pathway Program to individuals interested in completing their Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees within five years. This accelerated program is designed to prepare individuals with a solid foundation in information assurance strategies, best practices and the skills necessary to utilize various security tools. You will monitor networks and systems for security breaches, respond to cyberattacks, and gather data and evidence to be used in prosecuting cybercrime. You will also gain experience in the cybersecurity tools and techniques used by hackers. 

Program Features

  • Complete both degrees in only five years 
  • Tailor course selection towards your areas of research interest and career aspirations 
  • The only Accelerated Pathway Program in Computer Science available through the Connecticut State Colleges and Universities (CSCU) system 
  • Save nine credits of tuition by completing both degrees at SCSU 
  • Provides extensive preparation to those who continue on to doctoral-level education 

Who Should Apply

Outstanding students seeking an advanced degree are encouraged to apply for admission to the Accelerated Pathway Program. Those seeking a career in cybersecurity, network administration, consulting, hacking, as well as those who are interested in pursuing a Ph.D., will be well suited to explore this option. 

Career Opportunities

Professionals with graduate level experience are more competitive upon entering the workforce. This program will provide you with an advantage in the job market by providing you with more training, an advanced degree, more research experience and increased earning potential. 

An advanced degree in computer science opens up an exciting world of career opportunities post- graduation. The most common job titles for cybersecurity professionals include: Security Analyst, Engineer, Architect, Software Developer, Manager or Consultant, Ethical Hacker, Network Administrator, Cryptographer, or Cryptoanalyst. 

Employment within cybersecurity fields is projected to grow by 28.5% by 2026.** 

*Based on 1-year full-time graduate tuition **United States Department of Labor 

Contact Information

Dr. Hrvoje Podnar
(203) 392-5815