History 7-12, B.S., History M.A. Accelerated Pathway

The Department of History at Southern Connecticut State University offers an Accelerated Pathway Program to individuals interested in completing their Bachelor and Master's degrees within five years. This accelerated program is designed to afford individuals the opportunity to strengthen content knowledge of history. 

Program Features 

  • Complete both degrees in only five years 
  • Course selections provided in American, European and Non-Western History 
  • The only Accelerated Pathway Program in History available through the Connecticut State Colleges and Universities (CSCU) system 
  • Save nine credits of tuition by completing both degrees at SCSU 
  • Professionals with graduate level experience are more competitive upon entering the workforce 
  • Provides preparation for doctoral-level education 
  • Higher earning potential for teachers with a Master’s degree 

Who Should Apply

Outstanding students in the Bachelor of Science in History 7-12 program seeking an advanced degree are encouraged to apply for admission to the Accelerated Pathway Program. 

For more information, please refer to the program catalog at: catalog.SouthernCT.edu/undergraduate. 

Candidates for the accelerated pathway program are highly motivated students interested in pursuing a greater understanding of particular events, seeking why these events happen, and how to engage middle and high school students with these historical events and concepts. Students serve as coaches, team leaders, tutors, or assistants. Investigations into the human experience and research into the origins, nature and effects of historical change become an exercise to hone their skills for the practice of teaching. 

Career Opportunities

Upon completion of the combined Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees and awarding of certification, many of our graduates find employment in Connecticut schools and are well placed to share their knowledge and pedagogical skills. 

Contact Information

Dr. Christine Petto
(203) 392-5612