Apply for the ComBiNE Scholarship

Eligibility Requirements

  • Strong academic record
  • Your major and minor must be one of the following:
    • Major in Computer Science or Data Science with a minor in Biology
    • Major in Biology, Biochemistry, or Biotechnology with a minor in Computer Science or Data Science
  • Pell eligible

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To be admitted to the ComBiNE program, you also have to apply to Southern Connecticut State University.  In addition to general participant information, you will need to provide the following to apply to ComBiNE:

  1. Your high school transcript. The ComBiNE application accepts non-official transcripts. However, an official transcript will be required for the SCSU application.
  2. The Student Aid Report that you receive when you fill out the FAFSA.
  3. The name and email address of at least one teacher (preferably biology, computer science, or mathematics) who can speak to your potential as a ComBiNE scholar.
  4. A personal statement in which you reflect on all of the following.
    • Academic and professional goals
    • Why you want to pursue a career in computing and/or biological sciences
    • Your drives and motivations
    • Your achievements, both academics, and non-academics, during your high school years

Note: If you submit the SCSU application before you complete the ComBiNE application, you will not be required to provide A and B in the ComBiNE application.


ComBiNE Scholarship Application