Carol Stewart

Carol Stewart
Management / MIS
SB 203

Dr. Carol Stewart earned a B.S. in Communication and MBA degree from SCSU. With over 20 years experience as a corporate trainer and educator, and a doctorate in Communication from Regent University, Carol is widely considered an authority on crisis communication. Her inspiring stories of her corporate experiences have motivated her to turn obstacles into opportunities for change. As former co-chair of the School of Business Student Engagement Committee, Dr. Stewart was involved in planning many of the student/faculty events including the Accounting & Finance Career Fair that is in its third year. Dr. Stewart earned the “Outstanding Academic Advisor of 2016” award.

Teaching Areas


  • MGT 200: Managerial Communication
  • MGT 305: Organizational Behavior
  • MGT 402: Managing Diversity

Recent Publications

Nodoushani, O. Sitnay, J. & Stewart, C. (2015). Genetically Engineered Food and Genetically Modified Organisms. Competitive Forum, vol.13(1) 2015 136-141.

Nodoushani, O., Van den Abbeele, I, & Stewart, C. (2015). The Green Energy Sector. Competitive Forum, vol.13(1)2015, 142-147.

Young, L.K., Stewart, C.H. & Page, R. (2014). Public sector strategic adaptation: Transitioning Shelters to End Homelessness. International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research.3(1), 12-26.

Stewart, C.H. (2013). Image restoration strategies and apologia in action: Netflix: A case study. Business Research Yearbook (1): 54-59.

Papers under Review

Nodoushani, O., Stewart, C. & Escobar, J. (In review). Organizations' investment in education. Target Journal: Competitive Forum

Nodoushani, O., Stewart, C., & Kaur, M. (In review). Recycling and its effects on the environment. Target journal: Competitive Forum