For many employers, the Office of Career and Professional Development provides a valuable means to help employers cut through the stacks of resumes, and find the perfect person to fill that open position. Our mission is to connect Southern students with their future — to link employers with students, interns, soon-to-be-graduates, and alumni who fit the job description and can contribute to a company's success.

In addition to connecting students with employers we provide opportunities for students to learn how to conduct a job search, develop a strong resume, and much more. We do this through our counseling staff, resource library, online resources, and strategic partnerships with both on-campus student organizations and employer partners. We encourage you to speak with our staff about what we can do to provide unique learning opportunities for our students that are compatible with your organization's mission and that help you to meet your recruiting goals.

Post Your Available Positions

Login to JOBSs to upload all your available positions for Southern students. JOBSs is an online recruitment system which is powered by NACElink, DirectEmployers Association and Symplicity Corporation.

Log into JOBSs

Online Recruiting

Employers can register for a FREE account on JOBSs to post job/internship opportunities online. You will be able to manage and disseminate all postings while targeting specific candidates you are interested in.

  • Register for a JOBSs (FREE service)- please note we require a company email address to process new registrations.
  • Post-employment opportunities and/ or internships.

On-Campus Recruitment

  • Tabling: Employers can meet with students and share information on the organization to attract more applicants.
  • Interviews on Campus: Employers can conveniently schedule interviews on campus for full time or paid internship opportunities.


Involvement on Campus

Finding the right candidate is an important part of any organization's success. Here at Southern, we offer an array of opportunities to meet our students, and possibly your candidates. Learn more:

  • On-campus interview program
  • Career & Internship Fair
  • Non-Profit Networking Event
  • Information Sessions

Cooperative Education

We connect employers and students through our Cooperative Education Program. Our Co-op employers have found the program to be an invaluable recruiting tool in attracting talented soon-to-be college graduates. Our Co-op students have worked for IBM, ESPN, Social Security Administration and United Technologies, among many others.

Corporate Presentations/Information Sessions

Meet potential candidates in an informal setting. Informational Sessions offer a unique opportunity to let students get to know who you are as an employer outside of the sometimes-stressful parameters of a job interview. Contact us to book an information session.

Career Fairs

The OCPD offers annual Spring and Fall Career Fairs throughout the academic year. Organizations recruiting for internships, seasonal, part-time and full-time career opportunities are invited to register.

For more information on services, please email careerservices@southernct.edu.

Non-Profit Networking Event

The Office of Career and Professional Development holds a networking event that bring local employers representing all fields to campus. Students are able to explore various careers, internships, volunteer experiences, and learn about each organization. This event is strictly for non-profit organizations

Policies and Procedures

  • For-profit organizations must provide appropriate compensation as required by the US Department of Labor (academic credit or hourly minimum wage). Internships for academic credit must meet FLSA requirements and be structured as a learning experience*. Refer to the Six Factor Test.
  • Company email must be used in order to verify your affiliation with the institution.
  • We do not post positions from third party staffing agencies online.
  • We do not accept postings for international internships
  • The opportunities provided by your company are not suitable for our students (commission based internships, campus ambassadors, home based business, start-up companies without Employer Identification Number).

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long can I post a position for?
    You are given a 60-day period to post your opportunity. However, if you have not filled your vacancy, you may re-post the position at any time.
  2. How can I post an unpaid internship for academic credit?
  3. How can I obtain a resume bundle/resume book?
  4. Why was my position or employer registration rejected?
    Please review the email sent in regards. For additional questions, please contact careerservices@southernct.edu.

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