Computer Science, B.S. - Information Systems

The concentration in Computer Information Systems prepares students for employment as an entry- level software developer, systems analyst, network administrator, computer support specialist, database administrator, or web designer in any industry involving technology.

Students are exposed to the breadth of computer science from programming in high and low level languages (Python, Java, ARM), to networking, Linux system administration, database design and development, front-end and back-end web development, as well as software engineering and project management concepts. Their technical knowledge is combined with management and information systems concepts to prepare students with the knowledge to develop strong problem-solving and trouble shooting skills that can be applied to a variety of areas in business envrionments leading to a wide range of career paths.

Students have the flexibility in this program to choose among a variety of advance electives which include, cloud computing, human-computer interaction, machine learning, data mining, distributed application development, advanced networking and cybersecurity.

There is a growing demand in all sectors for individuals with this combination of capabilities. This program was developed and is regularly reviewed by our technical advisory committee which is composed of employers and business professionals in the local tech community.

Students completing this program will have a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science. This concentration, unlike our other other concentration (Computer Science-General), provides a deeper focus on business and management practices as it applies to computer science rather then on theoretical mathematics and science.