Data Science, B.S.

We prepare you for a promising career in business or industry and work in dozens of fields, from bio-technology to finance to business analytics.

Data science can be defined as gathering insight and information out of data. It is the science of everything associated with data: creation of algorithms, software, tools, and techniques, mathematical/statistical theory and practice of analysis, theory and practice of visualization and presentation, and data engineering.

In Southern’s Bachelor of Science in Data Science program, you’ll begin learning data science during your first and second semesters. These classes introduce you to Python programming and the fundamentals of data science. You’ll complete upper-level coursework covering a variety of topics from computer science and mathematics/statistics including data mining, machine learning, web and database development, linear algebra, Bayesian analysis and decision making, time series analysis, and non-parametric statistics.

Graduates are skilled in identifying and assessing organizational needs for data science, acquiring data, and implementing data science solutions based on knowledge of related models. For 2019, LinkedIn identified data scientist as the most promising job in the U.S., with a median base salary of $130,000 and a 56 percent increase in job openings in the last year.