Environmental Studies, M.S.

The Master of Science in Environmental Studies is a 30-credit program that provides students with advanced courses in research, analytical skills development, GIS, energy and climate change, sustainability and environmental design, and environmental action research. The program is designed for students looking to enhance and further their careers in the environmental and sustainability fields.
Graduate students will be engaged in a wide diversity of courses that includes hands-on investigations, field experiences, laboratory environments, intensive seminar style courses, and research-based courses. Students have the option of following a thesis track or a special project track. The MS in Environmental Studies provides flexibility for students who wish to complete the program either full-time or part-time as well as an array of courses that may be taken as electives e.g. environmental design, social sustainability, environmental action research, and environmental teaching methods.
This program is suitable for students who are looking to enhance their theoretical background in environmental studies whilst also looking to further their skills for moving into the field as a career. The MS in Environmental Studies particularly focuses on the ‘wicked problems’ of the 21st Century (such as climate change and its components) and ways to address environmental, social, and economic challenges.