Healthcare Studies, B.S. - Healthcare and Clinical Research

The Healthcare and Clinical Research concentration prepares students for careers in the field of Clinical Trials coordination and management. Major research hospitals such as Yale New-Haven Hospital conduct a large number of clinical trials on potential treatments for cancer and other diseases, and this is a large area of employment growth. Clinical trials researchers help recruit and screen patients for clinical trials, work with patients to collect data and ensure research protocols are followed, help manage and report data, ensure quality control, and related duties. 

Students who complete this program and who work in clinical trials research for 1-2 years will be eligible to take a certification exam to become a certified clinical research professional (CCRP). This is a valuable and highly marketable credential that will help in long-term career advancement. 

If you’re comfortable working with data, and have good attention to detail and a strong work ethic, this might be a good career path to explore. 

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