History 7-12, B.S.

Candidates for the bachelor of science in history are motivated to teach. In their pursuit to understand particular events and to know how and why things happened, they also consider how to relate this information to middle school or high school students. Often serving as coaches, team leaders, tutors, or assistants, their investigations into the human experience and research into the origins, nature, and effects of historical change become an exercise to hone their skills for the practice of teaching. Upon the completion of the degree and awarding of teacher certification, many of our graduates find employment in Connecticut schools. They often pursue master’s level work in history, the humanities, or the social sciences before perhaps moving on to doctoral work in education. Highly motivated candidates not only complete a student teaching internship, but also pursue internships in various local historical societies and museums. Our small faculty to student ratio allows students to conduct research with their professors and for the highly motivated to pursue departmental honors work.