Journalism, B.A.

In a changing news media landscape, this much remains true: People still want to know what is going on in the world and local community around them. The basic skills of reporting and writing remain unchanged. What has changed are the expectations for journalists and the methods of delivery to readers and viewers.

The Journalism Department's B.A. degree provides students with a full range of the knowledge, tools, and skills they will need to be successful in this new news media landscape. The degree offers a broad liberal arts background necessary for careers in the news media and in allied fields, such as public relations, sports information, business and public service. The degree also prepares students for further study in law or graduate school.

In addition to writing, reporting and web publishing skills, the B.A. degree offers flexibility to explore more topics through elective courses. A required cognate pushes students to specialize in an area outside of journalism to immerse themselves in broader skills building or content areas, such a political science or sports.